Heyyyyy there!

heres a little about me -- see if we jive!

Your wedding photographer will be one of the people around you the most on your wedding day!

SO MUCH of your wedding photography experience is based on chemistry with your photographer so I want to make sure we click!

[[So this is ME!]] 

probably more than you

wanted to know about

I am a...

Nuclear Engineer.





Environmental Activist.

Total Marvel Nerd.
Music LOVER.

Cat Person.


Tattoo enthusiast.

Pun slinger.


Free Spirit.

Complete smart ass.

My friends would tell you I:

...am impossible to offend.

...stay laid back and go with the flow.

...work too much.

...am blunt and honest.

...am super fun and full of energy.

...am utterly sarcastic.

...have a huge heart.

...will 100% dance with you while 

shooting your reception.

...don't suffer fools well.

...have the vocabulary of a

well-educated sailor.

...am super genuine.

still  super


dont worry!

no f-bombs

in front of 


do NOT ask me 

if your dress makes

your butt look big...

i'll   keep you chill

on your wedding day...

...but also help charge

you with fun upbeat energy

It is my goal to make sure you have

the most amazing day that you will never forget.


That statement is multi-faceted.

First, I want to make sure that you are free to have a GREAT time. Not spending your whole day posing in stuffy, un-natural ways. I will prompt you throughout the day to get

natural beautiful reactions from you

as you are moving through the experience.

Second, I will be with you all day and I am your advocate to have the day of your dreams. If you promise not to go bridezilla

(or groomzilla) on me, I promise to be your wedding day problem solver! I have helped bustle, lace-up, and repair dresses, told off aggressive or difficult vendors, cleaned up drunken groomsmen, transported vital wedding elements between locations, helped brides pee, calmed screaming flower girls, etc. I will be with you all day, and

you can lean on me to help you through it!

You get me as a person AND as a photographer.

Finally, I truly believe the images you get from your wedding day are what freeze your day in time. Your photographs will help you remember your wedding day for generations, as well as be the eyes for your loved ones that couldn't be present to share it with you. I do not take that responsibility lightly. I want you to have real, vibrant, emotive images

to share and cherish for a lifetime.

Do I sound like a good fit?