Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should my coverage start and end?

A: I recommend that my couples start coverage 30 minutes prior to the bride's hair/makeup being finished--whichever is FIRST. This gives time to have photos of both being done and gives me enough time to get photographs of all of your details. Coverage should end approximately 30 minutes after the last event you would like captured (cake cutting/garter toss/first dances/etc...) If you have a dancing reception, this will give me an opportunity to get some of the wild shenanigans on the dance floor before they get too sloppy.

Q: How do you deliver images?

A: I use an online gallery provider to deliver all of my images to my clients. With this service you can view, download, and share your high-resolution edited images to your hearts desire (no I do *not* make you BUY your photographs separately...) from your own, password protected, personalized gallery. Once you have a chance to sift through and mark your favorites, you will also be provided with your own personalized app to download to your phone so you don't have to drudge through logging on every time you want to show off your day! 

Q: What’s your average delivery time?

A: I like to be up front with my couples about EVERYTHING they will expect with me as a photographer. The average delivery time for most wedding photographers is around 6 to 8 weeks in high season. Because I also work as a full-time nuclear engineer--which also affords me the ability to drive down my prices for my clients--my delivery time leans toward the 8 to 12 week timeframe. In off-season, this can be anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks.

Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot.

A: Not just no, but hell no! Not only do I not want to edit that many photos, but you don't want to look at all them! The number of photos you receive will already feel overwhelming even without all the photos of uncle Frank blinking or your sister's RBF.

Q: How do we book you?

A: Call me! Email me! Text me! Facebook me! Send me a carrier pigeon! We can chat about exactly what coverage you need and tailor a package to fit you and your day! Once we have figured out the dets, everything else happens online. Contract signed and a 1/3-of-the-balance deposit reserves your date (the rest is due 2-weeks before your wedding) and then I am all yours!! 

Q: Can we see a full gallery?

A: ​Of course! Shoot me a message and I am more than happy to share a full gallery of a recent wedding with you so you can get a flavor for the whole deliverable!

Q: How far will you travel?

A: To the ends of the Earth! Travel is my passion!! And I will come to you to shoot whatever your day evolves into. Whether you are dreaming of a woody Maine backdrop, colorful fall foliage in Vermont, black sand beach in Iceland, a seaside in Aruba, or a mountaintop in the Himalayas. I am well equipped for any adventure and up to help you create your perfect day!

Q: Why should we pick you?

A: You shouldn't necessarily! I believe that chemistry is SUPER important between a wedding photographer and a couple. My energy should be reflected through you as we shoot and I should make you feel super comfortable. I really make an effort to get to know my couples and make sure they feel like friends rather than clients. I want you to know I've got your back on your wedding day. Period. And that you can trust me to help your dream day come true--even beyond my role as a photographer. Period. If our personalities don't jive or we don't vibe, I take no offense to not being your right fit! So lets chat!!

More Questions?

Don't be afraid to ask me anything!